Interscholastic sports at Xavier High School
in Appleton, Wisconsin are an important part
of the entire student learning process at XHS.
Competive athletics are offered for boys and
girls in grades 9 thru 12.

Students develop key skills at Xavier through
athletics, which we consider an extension of the
classroom.  In addition to acquiring sports skills
and achieving a high fitness level, athletics at
XHS will help young men and women acquire
competencies in teamwork, sportsmanship,
responsibility, and leadership...  all which are
applicable to every area of life.
Some information regarding Xavier Athletics may
be found on this ACES-Xavier system web site...
using the many links in the dropdown boxes
at the left under the ATHLETICS header.


Know that some info, and ALL current schedules,
directions, WIAA tournament info, plus more,
may also be obtained via an external web site:

Foreign students interested in participating in
interscholastic athletics at XHS must contact the
Xavier Athletic Director as soon as possible,
after their enrollment at Xavier has been confirmed,
so that eligibility may be determined by the WIAA.

Also, see: JUNIOR HAWKS web site